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Accounting : Acct 310


Non-Financial ReportingStudents NameInstitutions
AffiliationDate1ACCT 310: NON-FINANCIAL REPORTING2Businesses often
use non-financial information in creating transparency
whencommunicating these non-financial aspects of their performance
and management (“FinancialStatement and Company Risk Analysis,”
2015). Also known as sustainability informationinvolves the act of
measuring, disclosing and standing accountable towards the internal
and theexternal stakeholders for organizational performance towards
the goal of sustainabledevelopment. This information is as
important as financial information in decision-makingprocesses.
Whenever an organization is faced with a problem, it carries out an
analysis known asthe PDCA (plan, do check, act) (“Financial
Statement and Company Risk Analysis,” 2015). Thisanalysis involves
the definition of the problem, the study of possible solutions,
choosing the bestout of them and then monitoring how the solution
gets implemented in relation to theorganizations strategies.There
is a myriad of non-financial information that can be used in
internal decisionmaking. Th …

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Accounting : Acct 310
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