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Accounting : Cost For Decision Making Case Spreadsheet


Keep AccountsPayableCosts for Decision Making CaseOffshoring
DecisionQuantitative Costs:Accounts Payable FunctionAnnual
Savings:Function Performance by current employeesLess: Cost by
Accounts Payable ManagerOther Department Costs$$Checks
ProcessedBank Reconcilation Function$Bank ReconciliationsRetain
Accounts Payable ManagerSalaryAllocated BenefitsActual
BenefitsOther Costs (Compuer, Travel)$$Allocation of Manager
ExpensesIT Department Connectivity UpgradeIT Personnel Batch
Processing Costs1,250.00 per month0.65 per transaction
processed600,000 per year1,250.00 per month200 per bank
reconciliation600 per
ProcessingConnectivity UpgradeIT Personnel Batch
Processing562,487.50Annual Accounts Payable
Savings$1,687,462.50$1,687,462.50Three year Accounts Payable
Savings65% Accounts Payable35% Bank Reconciliation100,000.00 one
time charge2,500.00 per month2,500.00 per monthTable 3: Budgeted
CostsSalariesBenefits loadRent and relatedSuppliesPCsIT
SupportPostageTravel and EntertainmentCorporate
expensesTotalAccounts PayableBank Reconciliations$470,000
$330,500Qualitative (Nonfinancial) Costs:Not all of the services
are performed – only some IT, some customer service and some
accountingDelphi Outso …

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Accounting : Cost For Decision Making Case Spreadsheet
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