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Accounting : Travels Of A Sh….


Running head: TRAVELS OF A T-SHIRT1Travel of a
T-ShirtNameCourseProfessorDateTRAVELS OF A T-SHIRT2Travels of a
T-ShirtQuestion 1The book gave insights on the global trade,
including the factors which influence globaltrade. Real-life
examples from the book with the focus on cotton, further helping in
analyzingglobal trade. Cotton production in the US started
centuries ago and has no plans of leaving. Itsdominance is worth
noting. A look at the success factors like innovation, technology,
asupportive web of institutions, among others all explains the
reason for domination in the worldtrade. Another interesting factor
is government subsidies, which was also a key factor insupporting
cotton growers. Competitors from the poorer nations could not
compete andconsidered it an unfair trade practice. However,
attributing success factors only to the subsidiesis fleeting. Other
nations did not have the support from institutions involved in
trade, which wasa major boost for the US cotton farmers. However,
the downside of cotton production in the 18thand 19th century was
the use of free labor involving slavery. Labor was an issue in
cottonproduction, and the use of slaves gave the farmers an unfair
advantage over the rest of thecompetitors. Also, Lubbock is an
interesting area. The region has favorable natural conditions
forcotton growing. Even though its landscape may not be as
appealing, it was fit for commercialcotton growing. Lubbock has all
the factors w …

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Accounting : Travels Of A Sh….
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