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Algebra : Unit Vii Assignment Making The Grade


Unit VII Assignment: Making the GradeIn this assignment, you
will be asked to calculate several statistics for a particular data
set.Instructions: Imagine that you are a high school teacher. You
just calculated each students final coursegrade but want to know
how the class did overall. To determine this, follow the
instructions in the boxbelow to create your data set. Next, use the
data set to answer questions 16. Save all of your work tothis
template and submit it in Blackboard for grading.Create your data
set:Follow the directions to retrieve the final course grades for
your high school class.Go to
in the number 20 in the first box. The sentence should read,
Generate 20random integers.Type in 70 and 95 in the second and
third boxes. The sentence should read, Eachinteger should have a
value between 70 and 95.L …

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Algebra : Unit Vii Assignment Making The Grade
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