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Art & Design : Natural Lighting Final Essay


MangeraKenyatta University12NATURAL LIGHTINGINTRODUCTIONWhy does
natural lighting take such a crucial role in todays design? How
doesnatural lighting spotlight the other design elements? Last but
not least, how long doesit take for the natural lighting to be such
a primary focus on architectural design? Theorigin of the visible
light is the natural light, also referred to as daylight. Even
whenindividuals design artificial light they always will have to
make it look like the naturallight.It can be agreed that light
controls peoples intrinsic and extrinsic emotions andbehavior and
it creates happened among us. When people design light to be used
inlearning institutions, they ought to consider position of
students learning in that space.Lighting itself can also be
considered very functional. For exampl …

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Art & Design : Natural Lighting Final Essay
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