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Awesome Egg Experiments for Kids


Easter is just around the corner, so I’ve put together a collection of egg experiments perfect for this time of year. Eggs are great for experiments as they are inexpensive, easily available and very versatile. We try not to waste food at Science Sparks, but for most of these ideas you can still eat the actual egg. Do be careful if you have a child with allergies though.

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Awesome Egg Experiments for Kids
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Egg Experiments for Kids

Egg Drop Experiment

How about a Humpty Dumpty themed egg drop experiment? We used sealable sandwich bags filled with different materials, but another way to do this one is to make a parachute or create a container for the egg.

Unbreakable Egg Experiment

Find out how to make an unbreakable egg. All you need is an egg and some cling film. We’re sure you’ll be surprised at how strong an egg actually is!

Egg Experiments with Vinegar

How to make an egg shell disappear! This is like magic! Watch the shell disappear before your eyes. Just be careful not to break the membrane like we did.

Once you’ve dissolved the shell with vinegar you can make the egg bounce! We recommend doing this one in a container in case the egg breaks!

How to shrink an egg

Make an egg shrink and then expand, but first you’ll have to remove the shell to expose the delicate membrane. This is a brilliant visual way to learn about osmosis!

How strong is an egg shell?

How Strong is an egg shell? How many books can you balance on an egg shell? What else could you balance on top of the eggs?

Egg in a Bottle

Find out how to force an egg into a small bottle or jar. Watch as the egg drops into the jar like magic. This clever activity is all to do with air pressure!

Meringue Experiments

Find out what happens when you whisk egg white and why. This one is a bit messy, but lots of fun and very yummy!

Once you’ve perfected your meringue skills have a go at making a Baked Alaska. This clever dessert allows you to put ice cream in the oven without it melting.

Image taken from Snackable Science

Make an Egg Float

Do you know how to make an egg float and we don’t mean let it go bad!

Eggs as Teeth

Did you know eggs are great for learning about teeth as the shell is made from a similar material. Try soaking it in vinegar, coffee or tea to discover what happens.

Egg Vehicles

Create a vehicle to protect an egg in a collision. You could use LEGO, K’Nex or any other materials you like.

Egg Experiments eBook

My new egg experiments eBook contains 5 brilliant egg investigations that are easy to follow and also great fun.

More egg experiments

Find out how to tell if an egg is boiled or not!

Can you think of any more Egg Experiments for us?

If you’ve got an egg decorating competition coming up, these easy decorated eggs might be helpful too!

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