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Running head: ETHICS IN ORGANIZATIONEthics in
OrganizationStudents NameInstitutional Affiliation1ETHICS IN
ORGANIZATION2Ethics in OrganizationMarvin Browns article concludes
by stressing that the communal approach ofworkplace ethics is the
best and should take moral priority over the individual approach.
Thisis so because the communal approach stresses the common good
will help in understandingthe ethical issues in the workplace and
in so doing, it eases the solution finding of thoseproblems (Brown,
2015). Ethical issues at the workplace arise when people are
subjected toa dilemma by being forced to choose between the
competing moral claims. For example,when minority groups are given
preferential treatment at the expense of white males to bringsocial
justice, its unjust because individuals (white males) are not
treated equally. But whenthese preferential programs are examined,
its evident that they aim to ensure a just society byacknowledging
that women and other minority groups have indeed been shut out of
positions.Arguing that way justifies the statement that these
preferential programs are indispensable forachieving social
justice. However, …

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