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Business : Action Plan For Hiring Apa


1Running head: ACTION PLAN FOR HIRINGAction Plan for
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ACTION PLAN FOR HIRINGAction plan for hiringAll companies undertake
staff recruitment quite often to secure a quality workforce. It
isessential to ensure that all staff employed have the right
qualities and fit in with the jobrequirements. While interviews can
be regarded to be the definitive moments, making the rightchoice
starts long before. Successful hiring is a result of a series of
precise steps taken by theemployer. One must prepare and publicize
the vacancy in advance. Next, one should conductproper screening of
the applicants so that only the best candidates make it to the
interviews.Also, the interviewing personnel should ensure to obtain
as much information from the candidateas possible. This paper shall
lay an approach that will help the company fill its vacancies with
thebest candidates in the coming year.The company will, in the
coming year, be looking forward to hiring a total of 566
employees.These new staff members will fill the vacancies that will
be existing in the various job positionsdue to factors like
promotions a …

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Business : Action Plan For Hiring Apa
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