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Business : Ban The Box Edited


BAN THE BOXName:Course:Date:The Organization HighView Bank is a
diversified financial institution located in Washington
thatprovides commercial and corporate banking and financial
services HighView seeks to implement ban the box policy in the
recruitment andselection of its employees.Selection of highly
competent employees The financial institution can attracthighly
competent and productiveemployees Employees with criminal records
aremore dedicated and conscientious Employees with criminal records
havewill have an increased rate ofproductivity in the
organization.Increasing creativity There is need of highly
innovative and creative employees in the organization. The diverse
employees from the policy will improve research force of securityin
the financial institution. HighView will attract more customers
from the improved level of security ofcustomers personal
information.Improving standard of living of ex offenders The policy
advocates for increased job offers and employment rates
forindividuals with criminal records. Job applicants will be
entitled to calls backs regardless of the national orethnical
background. Improved standards of living will allow the employees
to focus on theproductivity without interruptions.Reducing
recidivism Unlike those who are not able to find employment,
working ex-offenders areless likely to be arrested. The company
will have a wide selection of compete …

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Business : Ban The Box Edited
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