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Business : Bus 499 Business Administration Capstone Week 10 Assignment 5


Running head: APPLE INC. ANALYSIS1BUS 499 Business
Administration Capstone Week 10 Assignment 5: Apple Inc.
AnalysisNameInstitutionAPPLE INC. ANALYSIS2Apple Inc.
AnalysisIntroductionApple Inc. is one of the publicly traded
corporations in the United States, which has beenoverly successful.
The company deals with the production of computer software as well
ashighly technological electronics such as smartphones and personal
computers and computersoftware. The company was founded in April
1996 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and RozWayne. Currently, the
company has approximately 357 retail stores distributed all over
theworld. Also, the company has employed around 50 000 employees.
One of the most valuedslogans of the company is innovation, which
has enabled it to produce the most technologicaldevices all over
the world. The products offered by the company are popular in
severalcompanies and therefore the company has been steered to
become a leader in the electronicsworld (Gupta & Prinzinger,
2013).The Impact of the Apple Inc.s Mission, Vision, And Primary
Stakeholders on Its OverallSuccessThe mission statement of the
company states that we believe that we need to own andcontrol the
primary technologies behind the products we make, and participate
only in marketswhere it can make a significant contribution. From
the mission statement, it is evident that thecompany has spared the
various efforts so as to develop the technologies that have beenin

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Business : Bus 499 Business Administration Capstone Week 10 Assignment 5
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