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Business : Bus499 Assignment


1Week 3 Assignment 1NameUniversityBUS499 Business Administration
CapstoneProfessorDate2Week 3 Assignment 1IntroductionThe stock
prices and the overall performance of publicly traded companies
relate closelyto the use of technology and the extent of
globalization addressed by the firm. This paperassesses the extent
of globalization and technology for, Inc. The paper
alsoaddresses the use of the organization model and the
resource-based aimed at maximizing revenuecollection. Additionally,
the paper evaluates the effect of mission, vision, and
specificstakeholders affect the performance of the corporation in
terms of the level of production, marketshare and profit, Inc. corporations products and the
global market allow it to face hugechallenges and opportunities in
the global delivery of goods and services. The firm has alsoengaged
in a wide range of products making it the Americas largest
e-commerce firm with $233Billion worth of assets. Mainly, the firm
provides online retail business through its wide range ofwebsites
but also offers advertisement and promotional services globally.
Globalization affectsthe companys profitability, both positively
and negatively.The current easy access to the foreign market by
most of the large corporations,especially from European and
countries, has intensified competition even in the United
Stateswhere its located (1). First, in the international market,
especiall …

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Business : Bus499 Assignment
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