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Business : Business Complaint Letter


Running Head: BUSINESS COMPLAINT LETTERBusiness Complaint
LetterNameInstitutionDate1BUSINESS COMPLAINT LETTERBusiness
Complaint Letter(Name)Vice PresidentRochester Preferred
Travel13/06/2019Ms Arletta SanduskyCustomer ServicesPremier
Promos2445, Bermiss Road,Valdosta, GA 31602Re: Formal Business
Complaint LetterDear Ms. Arletta,I am writing this letter to serve
as my formal written complaint against Premier Catalogfor fraud and
non- adherence to basic business ethics. These include misleading
adverts that ledto a client believing samples were free and
constant refusal to refund a clients wrongly creditedcash.Earlier
this year, your company advertised free samples for imprinted
promotionalproducts under the No Surprise Policy.’ Our company,
Rochester Preferred Travel, had beenlooking for promotional
products for our cruise ship travel packages. We immediately fell
in2BUSINESS COMPLAINT LETTER3love with the products and the
conditions that came with it, which included a return policy incase
of dissatisfaction.On January 11, I called your company, and the
customer service clarified all the details ofthe offer. I went
ahead to order samples for an insulated lunch sack, a portable
power strip in azippered case, a square-ended barrel bag with the
fanny pack, a deluxe canvas attach case, andtwo colors of
garment-dyed sweatshirts. After placing my order, the customer
service agentrequested the company’s credit card number. I foun …

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Business : Business Complaint Letter
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