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Business : Business Ethics


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AffiliationDate2BUSINESS ETHICSIntroductionAdvertising is one of
the ways in which companies attract customers to their
businesses,however, it is not all the times that the companies use
ethical means to appeal to the customers.There is some
advertisement that arises a lot of controversy among the public
whether they areethical or not. One of them is the advertising of
unhealthy foods and products.Ethical DilemmaObesity is one of the
main health issues in the United States and the main way in
whichpeople end up becoming obese is because of their lifestyle
which includes the intake of unhealthyfood and products. The
ethical dilemma about the advertising of these foods is whether it
doesmore good or harm. Most of this advertisement is normally
target children and teenagers which asa result they end up
indulging to these foods which lead to childhood obesity.Discussion
For and AgainstOne of the reasons why this advertising in unethical
is because it causes obesity. Once achild has become obese it
becomes hard to manage the illness and it ends up being a problem
fortheir entire life. If such advertisements are banned people will
end up being healthier. On the otherhand, companies do have to
advertise so that they can attract customers failure to which it
wouldresult in them going out of business (Folkvord et al, 2016).
People require some amount of fatsand sugar in their bodies which
they ac …

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Business : Business Ethics
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