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Business : Business Strategy Formation Case Study


Strategy Formulation CaseInstitutional AffiliationDate1BUSIENSS
STRATEGY FORMULATION CASE2BOBAs Innovation StrategyBOBA emphasizes
on achieving a point of balance whereby small businesses can
reducethe production costs and at the same time maintain their
risks at the lowest. The global economiccrisis in the market makes
it difficult for entrepreneurs to succeed mainly if they are
operatingunder limited resources. Bartons strategy with BOBA is,
therefore, to ensure that thesebusinesses have a better way of
dealing with their challenges and hence make better progress.BOBA
has invested in research and direct interactions with its
stakeholders to find out the issuesin the market influencing
underperformance when it comes to business growth and
development(Laureate Education, 2016). Bartons team then decides on
the activities they can conduct toensure that they assist the
business to achieve its goals and objectives. BOBA commits itself
infinding the best ways of getting involved in the operation of any
business regardless of its fieldof activity and hence make a
positive impact on the kind of results achieved.The goal of any
company is to operate in a market free of risks while reducing
their costsof operation and making higher profits. That is what
BOBA specializing in by encouragingentrepreneurs to take all the
appropriate strategies of ensuring that they reduce expenses and
inreturn h …

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Business : Business Strategy Formation Case Study
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