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Business : Business Training Final


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titleProfessors nameDateBUSINESS TRAINING2Business
TrainingTraditional training methods for employees have been tested
proven effective over theyears. The methods and techniques are
suitable and this is attested by the fact that manycompanies still
use them. The methods provide several benefits and among them
include lesstime required for implementation, simplicity, widely
known and cost competitiveness. Forpurposes of ensuring maximum
benefit, a combination of the traditional methods would be thebest
approach. Essentially, the methods or techniques will complement
each other and providethe needed resourcefulness to address the
diversity of needs among employees (Cohen, 2016).Among the
available traditional training methods include: Presentation
Methods (lectures),Hands-On Methods (role playing, simulations,
case studies, on-the-job training, behaviormodeling, and games),
and Team-Building Methods (through activities such as
simulations,games, and challenges).Based on the potential benefits,
the method selected for Taromina is Hands-On Methods.The Hands-On
Methods include role playing, simula …

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Business : Business Training Final
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