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Business : Case Study Ee


Running Head: Case Study: Employee Engagement and Performance
Appraisal, OperationsManagementCase Study: Employee Engagement and
Performance Appraisal, Operations ManagementStudents name:Course
title:Instructors name:Date of Submission:1Case Study: Employee
Engagement and Performance Appraisal, Operations
Management2AbstractCompanies struggle with the issue of employee
engagement. Lack of it leads to problems such ashigh employee
turnover. Employee engagement refers to approaches taken to make
employeescommitted to an organization. Employee engagement is an
essential element in any organization.When employees are engaged,
the organization struggles less with issues of effectiveness
andproductivity. The human resource department in an organization
should work with themanagement to enhance employee engagement. This
paper discusses employee engagement. Itentails a discussion on the
levels of employee engagement, gives an optimal
motivationalapproach to build a positive and productive culture in
an organization, and lastly applies the fiveperformance
perspectives to an evaluation performance. The levels of engagement
depend onemployee commitment. Employees at the engaged level give
their all to an organization,consider their work personal and focus
on achieving the organizational goals. Not engagedemployees are
neither positive nor negative about their work and do not work
whole-heartedly.Actively disengaged employees are negative about
work, sh …

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Business : Case Study Ee
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