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Running head: IMPLEMENTING THE TRAINING1Implementing the
TrainingStudents NameInstitutionDateIMPLEMENTING THE
TRAINING2Implementing the TrainingIn contemporary society, training
in a workplace can either be disrupted or enhanced bythe adoption
of technology like the concepts of Computer Based Training (CBT).
Theimplication is that technology is used in the training process
purposely to manage the content ofthe training process and make a
record of the progress of the trainees in the new
workingenvironment (Glass et al., 2017). Intelligent tutoring
system is one of the CBT methods that seemappropriate in addressing
Taorminas training needs.Intelligent tutoring system is one of the
technological interventions that will aid insuccessful training
because it will provide immediate and customized training
instructions to thetrainees. It, therefore, means that the
processor relaying information during the training processwill be
faster and efficient hence making the process takes a shorter
duration (Glass et al., 2017).Additionally, no human intervention
will be required during the process of training making themethod to
be the most appropriate because, in t …

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Business : Cbt
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