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Business : Decision…


NameInstitutionDateBUSINESS PRACTICE2IntroductionThe business world
is one area which has undergone a lot of changes in the recent
past. This isbecause of how decisions are made and what they end up
meaning to the host companies andorganizations. In order for a
decision to be very instrumental and have greater impacts, it is
veryimportant to make sure that the same decision can be
justified.This paper will aim to shed more light on this aspect of
the business world, while at the sametime making use of a case
example to do the same. While at it, it will also seek to discuss
anddeeply elaborate on why the business decision is valid or not
valid based on your argument in thegrand scheme of things.Scenario:
In the recent weeks, Samco Food Vendors have been experiencing the
problem ofspoilt foods. Time and again, there have been a lot of
food left without buyers and this getsspoilt. With these spoils,
Samco Food Vendors have experienced very high loses and, in
somecases, this has been seen as catastrophic.As a counter measure
to this problem, a decision has been made and it argues that in
order tostop the lose making journey the company has found itself
in, in the recent weeks, the productionvolumes should be reduced by
75%. This should only be increased in the event that there aremany
more customers buying the products and hence a significant increase
in the demand forthese food stuff.The …

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Business : Decision…
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