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Business : E930 Outcome 3. Interpersonal Comunication.edited


Communication PortfolioNameInstitution
Communication PortfolioAirbus HR intends to communicate
constructive criticism on job performance following arecent
performance appraisal. Constructive criticism is a piece of bad
news but play a vital rolein improving performance. The HR rated
individuals, teams, and departmental performance onproductivity and
ethical dimension. The message will provide an elaborate criticism
to enhanceinternal cohesiveness. Airbus has a large number of
employees and completed an appraisal forcore workers as a routine
operation within 3-years.The message will target individual
employees, team leaders, department managers, andthe general
managers in the particular division. For each of the divisions in
the various countries,the HR teams will communicate overall
assessments to the union leaders as they will find itnecessary. The
company retains the right to disclose internal messages to
non-hierarchal leadersonly to the extent that such communication is
useful and relevant to Airbus. For this type ofcommunication, all
the audience prefers direct and concise message (Arley, n.d). The
perspectiveis similar to the culture of the organization.Airbus
will give each employee a direct report of their feedback. The
direct report isintended to preserve the future relationship with
the employees. The me …

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Business : E930 Outcome 3. Interpersonal Comunication.edited
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