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Business : E931 Critical Use And Application Of Information


INFORMATIONCritical Use and Application of
InformationNameInstitution AffiliationDateIntroductionThere is a
growing interest in acquiring the right information needed for
bothorganizational and professional development. To achieve better
results in the success of anorganization like Airbus, leaders have
to develop reliable strategies to find information. Thereare many
processes to help find useful information about the market.
Information technology is asignificant asset in many multinational
organizations. An organization uses data mining to
gatherinformation about customer marketing needs. For customers web
activities, any organization can1CRITICAL USE AND APPLICATION OF
INFORMATIONuse cookies in its websites to collect data. An
alternative method to find data is through a survey.Airbus can
collect data by collecting feedback from various stakeholders
(Black et al., 2018). Forinstance, after communicating bad news to
employees, a structured feedback survey helps theorganization to
gather information about the effectiveness of the communication
process.After finding data, the next commitment is to select data
which would be useful to theneeds of the organization. The
criterion for selection would include credibility, relevance,
andapplicability. In making a project management plan, data on the
skills of the workforce isrelevant. Airbus requires skills
information to determine the human resource capabil …

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Business : E931 Critical Use And Application Of Information
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