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Business : E938 Conflict Management Plan


Running head: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT PLANConflict Management
PlanNameInstitution AffiliationDate12CONFLICT MANAGEMENT
PLANIntroductionThe American Airline, Inc is a major airline
company in America with its headquarterTexas. The company has
unresolved conflicts between the management and the labor unions
andwhich has existed for a significant time. In particular, the
conflict exists between theadministration and the Transport Workers
Union (TWU), Associations of Professional FlightsAttendants (APFA)
and Allied Pilot Association (APA). Although the unions agree at
some timethat they have a common problem with management, they also
some significant disagreementswith management on a pay rise and the
improvement of the working conditions. The conflictbetween the
administration and the employees adversely affect the productivity
of theorganization. The company has made some significant moves to
end the conflict by buildingcollaboration with individual unions
(Overland Resource Group, n.d.). Some instances of adispute between
the company and the union, the company has experienced significant
risks ofbankruptcy. In 2003 American Airlines appealed to the TWU
and the mechanic union to agree toits concessions, or they would
otherwise file bankruptcy. Pay rise and working conditions is
acritical issue that influences the relationship between the
employees and the organizations.One significant effort needed is to
build extensive collaboration between themanagem …

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Business : E938 Conflict Management Plan
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