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Running head: PEPSICO1Diagnosing ChangeNeosha FullerHRM560:
Managing Organizational ChangeDr. Allan BeckApril 27,
2019PEPSICO2IntroductionPepsiCo is a multinational company located
in America that produces food, snacks, andbeverages. The
Headquarters of PepsiCo is located in Harrison, New York with
differentbranches all over the world. The primary interest of the
company is based in manufacturing,marketing and distributing grain
processed products. The main products produced and distributedare
food and beverages. The production chain of the company is
complicated due to the varietyof products manufactured and
distributed throughout the world.DescriptionPepsiCo began as a
merger with the Coca Cola Company and Frito-Lay named as PepsiCola
before separation to independence. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 by
Caleb Bradham as abranch based on beverages but since then has
expanded to broad food supply and beveragebrand. The most
significant expansive force of the brand was in 1998 by acquiring
Tropicanaproducts and the Quaker Oats company in 2001 adding
Gatorade into its portfolio. In 2012, thecompany produced retail
sales worth a billion with a distribution of over two hundred
countriesin the world. PepsiCo ranks as the second largest beverage
and food business in the world. Thecurrent management of the
company is headed by Ramon Laguarta in the position of a
chiefexecutive since 2018. The chairperson to the company is Indra
Nooyi as an essential member …

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