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Business Law : Article Review


Sentencing in the United StatesNameCourseInstructorMay 14th,
2019SummaryThe article, Why is America So Punitive? A Report on the
Deliberations of TheInterdisciplinary Roundtable on Punitiveness in
America is a report of the assessment of theAmerican justice system
and its way of punishment. This main argument of the article is
howharsh the American justice system is and how that has led to the
incarceration of millions ofcitizens while millions others are
facing some form of criminal punishment even though they arenot
incarcerated. The article describes examples of laws that have
subjected American citizens toincarceration in large numbers which
might not be considered necessary in some cases(Muenster &
Trone, 2016).The article discusses the fact that with the extremely
punitive laws in America, most ofthe people that suffer are the
impoverished men who are used people of color where cases
ofunemployment are high and education levels are low. The article
also talks of alternativepunitive strategies that can be used by
the corrections facility to influence of the behavior ofprisoners
positively. It talks about understanding cultures and individuals
and the reasons whyvarious societies choose to punish in different
ways. It also expresses the need to harmonize theAmerican
corrections system to those of Europe that seem to have better
ideas of punishing legaloffenders (Muenster & Trone, 2016).The
article finds part of the problem of trying to d …

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Business Law : Article Review
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