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Business Law : Retail Theft


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NameCourse TitleDateCRIME2IntroductionCrimes no matter how simple
or delicately planned out they can be usually have a reasonand
while for some crimes the motivation is clear, even petty offenders
have a reason forcommitting their crimes, whether they get caught
or not. These have led researchers incriminology to come up with
theories that try to understand what influences ones decision
toindulge in crime. Knowing the motivating factor behind a crime
helps in the rehabilitationprocess of the criminal as opposed to
making generalizations.CrimeRetail theft is the most common crime
in the states coming second after drunk drivingwith only less than
12% of these criminals being caught. Retail theft varies from
simpleshoplifting candy bar to stealing massive amounts of goods or
eve money. Retail theft leads theloss of $35 million dollars daily
proving to be having an impact on the menace despite the factthat
it is so common it is taken as a petty crime in comparison with
crimes such as rape andmurder.Two young suspects were caught on
surveillance tape stealing clothes worth $40,000 andit is
interesting that when the police came to investigate, the two young
men aged 14 and 16 wereoutside with the onlookers dressed in the
clothes they had stolen with the tags still on. This is asad
scenario but it goes ahead to prove a crime has no age restrictions
as well as the commonalityof retail theft …

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Business Law : Retail Theft
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