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Business : Living Information Age


Running head: LIVING INFORMATION AGELiving Information
AgeStudents nameInstitutional Affiliation1LIVING INFORMATION
AGE2Living Information AgeTechnological advancement in the past
decades has seen an era of humancivilization characterized by
increased access and control of information, information age.The
easy access has inspired numerous ventures in all fields of
business and economy, socialand political realms of the society.
Nonetheless, technology is not slowing down any timesoon; people
should expect more advancement in information and networks to
influence morerealms of life in the next couple of years.Emerging
trends that will influence the futureA possible trend in
information technology is the development of a no touchinterface.
Technology will take a different route that depicts it adapting to
humans rather thanthe other way round (Satell, 2013). Information
devices will shift from hands-on applicationslike mouse and
keyboards to full voice-recognition applications. For example, a
person caninput instructions by speaking and gets a response
through visual and speech from the device.By so doing, information
technology will be easy to u …

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Business : Living Information Age
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