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Business : Logistics Management


Running head: LOGISTICS MANAGEMENTLogistics ManagementMGT
322NameInstitutionLOGISTICS MANAGEMENT2Logistics Management1. Third
Party Logistics (3PL) Firms are defined as companies that provide
outsourcedlogistic services to clients mostly other companies for
part or for all their supply chainmanagement functions. In most
cases, the Third Party Logistics companies specialize inproviding
customized warehousing and transportation services that suit its
clients needs.These companies are of different types depending on
the services they are providing totheir clients. Standard 3PL
providers are the most basic of them all and they providepicking,
packaging, warehousing and distribution services to their clients.
The CustomerAdapter runs their clients logistics activities when
the client is in need of help. TheService Developer provides value
added services to their customers such as tracking,tracing services
and also providing a unique security system. The last group
referred to asthe Customer Developer is responsible for handling
the entire logistics functions of itsclients company (Sohail,
2013).2. In Saudi Arabia, most Third Party Logistics companies have

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Business : Logistics Management
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