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Business : Marketing Consumer Behavior


Surname 1NameProfessorCourseDateMarketing Consumer BehaviorThe
changing consumer pattern in technology industries is the huge
trend that willprovide both opportunities and challenges to digital
marketing. According to a research carriedout by ClickZ reported
that 50 percent of marketers in the United States believe that
newtechnology will be resulting to change in consumers behavior is
the new trend that marketersneed to focus on in the near future.
Technology such as voice assistant and the ever-changingsocial
media structure attract new customers and retain loyal customers in
the industry. However,these new technologies offer new
opportunities and challenges as well.The first big trend is data
privacy. Marketers believe that privacy and data protection
willhave a huge impact on GDPR. for instance as a result of a
Facebook leak that took place in 2018where 87 million …

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Business : Marketing Consumer Behavior
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