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Running head: MARKETING RESEARCH1Marketing ResearchStudent
NameProfessor NameCourse TitleDate2MARKETING RESEARCHMarketing
ResearchPart 1 Coca Cola Marketing ResearchOne organization that
has been able to implement the utilization of MIS is
CocaCola.Utilization of Marketing Information Systems has ensured
useful recording of generated data andreports as well as the
collection of marketplace aptitude on a constant center.
Furthermore, itassists managers within the organization in
decision-making as well as in the recording ofmarketing research
information (Sinha & Seth, 2018). Coca Cola makes and uses a
number ofstatistics as a component of its day-by-day commerce
operation, and it regularly gathersinformation related to its
customer base. The corporation implements MIS to examine
saledealings as well as marketplace study and its statistics linked
with its huge customer foundation.It uses this data to understand
more concerning the customer buying decisions. The use ofMarketing
Information Systems in Coca Cola helps ensure effective storing,
gathering as well asanalyzing and distributing market information
within the company.Through this Coca Cola can better understand its
market share as well as the number ofcustomers it has in the
market. The company uses marketing information systems in its
databasesand stored reports in internal records to plan marketing
plan s and determine threats andweaknesses to its marketing
dominance (Sinha & Seth, 2018). …

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