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Business : Memo V1


Chapter 8 Case: Bullock Gold MiningMemoTo: Miss Alma Garett (
Financial Office of Bullock Gold Mining)From: [YOUR NAME]Carbon
Copy: Seth Bullock (CEO of Bullock Gold Mining)Date: 13th June
2019Subject: Financial Analyis for Opening the new
Mine———————————————-The purpose of
this memo is to provide all the financial information which are
required in orderto take a decision in regard to opening the new
mine. Based on the revenues which wereprovided and also based on
the expected cash flow the following elements were calculated for
afinal discussion: payback period, internal rate of return, the
modified internal ret of return andthe NPV. This Memo ends by
stating my opinion in regard to opening the new mine and
alsooffering a VBA script which can be useful for calculating
future payback periods of the project.Alternatives:IRR = The Base
Rate + …

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Business : Memo V1
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