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Business : Money


Surname 1NameInstructorCourseDateMoney and ethicsDiscussion
1There is the unfair characterization of corporations as ruthless
sociopaths. Corporations exist inour society to offer humanity
critical services and products, and they do so through focus
anddetermination. What makes a corporation powerful is the fact
that they control a lot of money,but that is necessary so that they
can facilitate and sustain their business. On the question
ofwhether one can be an ethical person within such organizations,
it all lies in an individualsprinciples. For individuals that have
guiding principles to their ethics, they will remain ethical atall
times. On matters of money, Marx hated capitalism as one of the
dominant money economysystems because of the inequality it brought.
On the other hand, Rand worships money andconsiders it as the
ultimate power for control by the entrepreneur …

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Business : Money
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