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Business : Paperless Office


Business ProposalPresentation onCreating aPaperless
OfficeStudents Name:Professors Name:Course
Title:Date:IntroductionPaper is one of the primary pollutants of
the environment.The Environmental Protection Agency of the United
States holdsthat paper contributes 35% of its waste stream. The
recyclingprocess only covers 48% of paper discarded.Companies that
implement paperless office are interested inbuilding their
sustainability and reducing operational costs.International Food
Processing LTD is a Company determined totransform into a paperless
office. This study delves on how thecompany can accomplish this
mission.The achievement of 100% digital documentation may
seemimpossible, but there are some steps which would reduce the
useof paper.Step 1: Set up CloudComputing CommitteeThis committee
should constitute representativesfrom all departments of the
Company such asSales, auditing, marketing, and
otherdepartments.This committee would act as the mouthpiece ofthe
Company in implementing paperlessdocumentation.The committee would
ensure the allotted budgetmeets all expected objectives.Step 2:
Understand theComponents of Cloud Computingand Security IssuesCloud
computing merges differenttechnologies under one platform.
Yourcommittee must understand how this platformoperates.Privacy and
security are of utmost concernwhen transitioning to cloud
computingstrategy. You must und …

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Business : Paperless Office
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