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Business : R887 Kimberly Clark.edited


Running head: KIMBERLY-CLARK1Kimberly ClarkInstitutional
AffiliationDateKIMBERLY-CLARK2KMB Core BusinessKimberly Clark Corp
is a multinational corporation whose headquarters are located
inTexas, USA. KMB specializes in producing products such as female
hygiene care, baby carenon-woven, disposable healthcare products,
adult, professional, and consumer tissue. Thecompany sells its
products in over 150 countries across the world. Similarly, the
company hasestablished its locations in 41 countries. According to
Ross, Randolph, &. Jeffrey, (2016), KMBhas four broad operating
divisions, namely consumer tissue, personal tissue, K-C
Professional,and Health care.KMB Strategy for The FutureKMB future
strategy is to grow its market across the world. The company
intends toextend its market by acquiring large and well-established
companies. Similarly, it intends toopen new locations in other
countries. Also, it plans to improve its innovation and to expand
itsautomation. KMB intends to improve customer satisfaction through
developing new productswhich align to customers
needs.Kimberly-Clarks Strategy for The FutureKimberly Clark intends
to grow in three ways. First, the company engages in innovationas a
means to expand its sales. The company plans to release plans such
as dry Huggies pamperpants. Second, the company plans to strategize
on mass advertisement and product promotion toincrease its
competitive ability. Lastly, the company p …

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Business : R887 Kimberly Clark.edited
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