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Running head: REFLECTION PAPER1Reflection PaperStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationREFLECTION PAPER2Reflection
PaperExecutive SummaryCommunity health centers serves a vital role
in promoting provision of effectivehealthcare services in the
country since they are the healthcare institutions charged with
themandate to provide essential access to comprehensive primary
healthcare to underservedpopulations. The enactment of the
Affordable Care Act can be said to have played a greater rolein
promoting the operations of these community healthcare centers
since it expanded the medicalcoverage options for people from poor
families and also provided increased funding for almostall health
centers operating in the country (Sommers, Gunja, Finegold, &
Musco, 2015). The AlAqsa Community Clinic is one of the many
community healthcare centers in the country thatstrives to provide
quality but affordable healthcare services to its customers. One of
the strengthsof the Al-Aqsa Community Clinic is its skilled,
mature, and experience team of medicalpractitioners. The second
strength of the clinic is its ability to deal with an array of
patientsdiseases and medical conditions. Another strength of the
clinic is that because of its high degreeof cohesivity and teamwork
among its staff members, the hospital has managed to providequality
medical services both to in and outpatients who are always in dire
need of such services.Despite the above-mentioned strengths, th …

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Business : Response
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