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Business : Toyota Dna Decoding


THIS IS A WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTPlease answer the attached question
list in about 3-5 sentences per question generally limited toabout
1-2 pages total for the entire assignment. Thanks.Decoding the DNA
of the Toyota Production System1. Would you say that Toyotas
Production System is rigid or flexible? Why?Toyotas production
system can either be rigid or flexible depending on the
individualperspective. Personally, I believe their production
system is rigid. They are very consistent inwhatever they do and
that is what makes it possible for their activities to be flexible.
It is verydifficult for other competing companies to adopt their
way of production, they find it sosophisticated.2. What do you
think is the basic essence of what makes Toyota so special? How do
theyachieve it?Toyota is considered a cornerstone of the learning
organization. This is achieved due to a lack o …

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Business : Toyota Dna Decoding
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