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Running head: MORAL ISSUES IN BUSINESSMoral Issues in
BusinessInstitutional AffiliationDate1MORAL ISSUES IN
BUSINESS2Policy Question and PositionAccording to this business
scenario, the primary question is on how one can keep track
ofdatabase changes using audit reports. This is based on the fact
that an administrator of aninsurance company would like to keep
track of all the changes that are taking place in regard toits
users.Background ActsAccording to this administrator, they are
supposed to run the audit generals, and detailsreport continually.
To keep track of this, he decides to create an auditor general
report on theobjects of a database, where he continuously monitors
the modifications that are being done onthe database, and the user
who has made such modifications, followed by the time and date
thatthey have been made. He follows this with an audit details
report, for a more detailed report onthe changes done, such that
more information is provided. He goes ahead to take some moresteps,
to carry out more tasks, to ensure that this is done (Le, Mitchell
& Arad, 2019).Affected Parties and their InterestsThe involved
parties in this scenario incl …

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Business : X794 Answer.docx
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