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What is a fossil?

Fossils are the preserved remains of animals and plants that lived a long time ago. Fossils can also be evidence of a prehistoric animal or plant such as footprints or evidence of nests or burrows. These are called trace fossils. Not all remains become fossilised. Fossilisation is actually quite rare. Most animal and plants remains…

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Science Sparks Questions

Choose a question to investigate with the Science Sparks Squad. Each week we’ll add a new science question and associated activity to help you find the answer! This idea is that you print off a question you’re interested in and then try the activity to find the answer! Each science experiment or investigation is designed…

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Gross Science Facts

Who doesn’t love a gross fact? I’ve collected some of the most disgusting science facts around so you can shock your friends or be well armed for a gross science quiz night and if that’s not a thing, it totally should be! Gross Science Facts A sneeze can travel at up to 100mph!! Imagine all…

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