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Cheeky Elf Tricks


If your elf is needing a bit of inspiration these cheeky elf tricks might be just the thing. All you need to do is set up the trick and leave an instruction card out for children to solve to puzzle!

Which egg is boiled?

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Cheeky Elf Tricks
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Leave a mixture of boiled and unboiled eggs with the elf…the challenge is to work out which eggs are which!

Boiled and raw eggs spin very differently. Raw eggs are much more wobbly!

Clean it up

Leave small bits of tissue paper over the floor with a balloon nearby.

The idea is to charge the balloon with static electricity to pick up the tissue pieces.

Which way?

For this activity you need to create some small paper signs. If you place a glass of water in front of them the arrow will reverse!

We’ve made reversing arrows before with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

What’s inside?

One of my favourite science activities with little ones is ask them to draw around themselves on a giant piece of paper.

Children can then label body parts, organs, parts of the skeleton etc.

More elf tricks

Elf bouncy eggs

Use vinegar to dissolve the shell of an egg and then place it in coloured water!

You should be able to bounce the eggs, but be careful as they can break!

Elf Parachute

Make a parachute for an elf! This is more a STEM challenge than a trick, but could be adapted in lots of different ways!

Do you have any more cheeky elf tricks for us?

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