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Chemistry : Enamine Reactions


1.a) Reaction of formation of the enamineb) Reaction of
formation of the acylated enaminec) Hydrolysis reaction of the
acylated enamine2.a) Mechanism for the formation of the enamineb)
Mechanism for the formation of the acylated enaminec) Mechanism for
the hydrolysis of the acylated enamine3.According to Le Chatelier
principle, the equilibrium will be displaced towards the side with
lowerconcentration of products. Thus, the best way to enhance the
equilibrium towards the formation of theenamine product (since it
is a relatively unstable compound) is by isolating it as soon as
its formed.Since the equilibrium constant MUST be kept constant:
=[][] []Therefore, if the concentration of enamine is decreased by
its removal as it is being formed, we will forcethe system so that
it will fabricate more enamine and consequently increase the
reaction yield.4.5.6.The reaction between 2-methylcyclohexanone and
pyrrolidine forms the least substituted enaminecompound because of
the steric hindrage of the pyrrolidine with the radical chains in
highly substitutedcarbon atoms.7.The most stable compound of these
tautomers is the enol form because of its aromaticity resulting
fromthe conjugation of the three double bonds.8.a) The final
products obtained from t …

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Chemistry : Enamine Reactions
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