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Computer Science : 20190708062745journal 1 Revised


Running Head: LESSONS LEARNEDLessons Learned from Reading the
Book and ArticlesStudent Name:Institution:1LESSONS LEARNEDLessons
Learned from Reading the Book and ArticlesSince the early 90s,
social engineering has proven to be one of the most successful
meansof cyber-attacks. Despite organizations efforts to invest in
physical security and firewalls,attackers have managed to gain
access to private data or get software vulnerabilities by
exploitinghuman psychology (Hulme & Goodchild, 2017). Social
engineering has the potential to affect eventhe largest of
corporations with the most sophisticated cybersecurity software and
hardware. In myopinion, people are inherently trusting, which is
the most significant success factor for socialengineering. This
vulnerability can cause company losses in millions since the
attacker usesauthorized access to steal information or spread
malware into the network. Therefore, it is essentialfor companies
to conduct rigorous and constant training of users on how to
identify and avoidgetting exploited in the cyberspace.Similarly,
the revised Blooms Taxonomy is a crucial consideration as it
emphasizes abroader perspective of the …

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Computer Science : 20190708062745journal 1 Revised
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