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Computer Science : A085 Internet Of Things


Running head: INTERNET OF THINGS1Internet of ThingsInstitution
AffiliationDateINTERNET OF THINGS2Industries That Are Likely To
Utilize Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things comprises the
physical world together with its elements to theinternet (Barrett,
2012). It is currently a standard activity as people connect almost
everything tothe internet and this has facilitated the enhancement
of various events. There are severalindustries that have the
potential to utilize the internet of things with the aim of
improving theirefficiency. Some of them comprise of the farming
industry where it has used technologicalinventiveness to enhance
the capacity to produce sufficient food for farmers as well as
thecustomers. Smart agriculture is one of the examples of using the
Internet of Things as well assensors and agricultural drones which
enable farmers to keep track of their products and thebehavior of
their livestock.The advertising sector also uses this technology to
reach out to customers moreefficiently. They tend to use peoples
smartphones to send them promotional messages, tracktheir spending
patterns, and observe their movements. The hospitality industry ha

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Computer Science : A085 Internet Of Things
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