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Computer Science : Chapter Reading Summaries


Reflection JournalStudent Name:University Affiliate:Date:1CHAPTER
READING REFLECTION JOURNAL2Chapter 7In chapter 7, the author talks
about interactivity where he explores various features
ofinteractivity which include data adjustments and view adjustments
(Kirk, Pg. 277). The chapteralso explores different factors which
affect the suitability of different interactivity
choices.Advancements in technology have enabled easy and effective
interactivity as well as creating anenvironment rich in digital
visualization. Therefore, manufacturers now compete in
developingmore powerful interactive devices to enable effective
consumption by the consumers. Theadvancements in technology have
shaped interactivity, thus bringing various advantages in thefield
of visualization. The two main features of interactivity include1.
Data adjustments2. Presentation adjustmentsIncorporating the above
features into visualization has various advantages which includei.
Allows a broad visualization spaceii. Leads to increased creativity
of angles of analysisiii. Leads to manipulation of displayed data
to be able to handle a variety of interrogationsiv. Easy control
and customization of the analysisThe first feature of
interactivity, data adjustment influences users on various
applicationsand how they manipulate data such as framing,
animating, and navigating. On the other hand,presentation
adjustment allows use …

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Computer Science : Chapter Reading Summaries
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