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Computer Science : Cloud Computing Paper


Running Head: CLOUD COMPUTING1Cloud
ComputingNameCourseTutorDateCLOUD COMPUTING2Cloud ComputingIn the
recent past, there has been eminent growth in social networking
technologies andcloud computing. Cloud computing has shifted the
computing resources to third parties whichhas eliminated the need
to configure, purchase or maintain resources. The use of cloud
serviceshas increased owing to reduced operational costs in
software, and hardware costs as well ashuman effort. Social
networks have experienced massive growth with large numbers of
internetusers participating across different social networking
websites. In the same manner, corporationshave started to use
social networks as a marketing channel to reach to its clients.
They make useof commercial cloud service providers such as Amazon
EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google Appamong others (Foster, Zhao,
Raicu, & Lu, 2008). This paper will describe social networking
sitesand examine various risks and vulnerabilities that are
associated with the selected networkingsites. It will also suggest
mitigating strategies and make suggestions that the social
networkpolicy can protect its clients against cybercrimes, identity
theft and abusive marketing.Select and describe three (3) social
networking sites you are presenting in the context ofcloud
computing.Social networking sites have increased over the past
decade due to increasing efficiencyof cloud computing. Sites such
as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook h …

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Computer Science : Cloud Computing Paper
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