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Computer Science : Information Security And Privacy Regulations


REGULATIONSInformation Security and Privacy
RegulationsNameInstitutional Affiliation1INFORMATION SECURITY AND
PRIVACY REGULATIONS2Information Security and Privacy
RegulationsPrivacy Act of 1974IntroductionThis particular law was
implemented in 1974 and its main purpose was to ensure that
anyfederal agency that collects data and information concerning the
citizens, managed governmentresources, or dealt with financial
information concerning the government kept the informationand
secured and private from threats such as hacking activities,
unauthorized access, and naturaldisasters (Cohen et al., 2018). The
main reason for this is because such kind of information iscritical
and thus if it ends up being compromised by any means then the
government will suffer ahuge loss which might end up being
difficult to recover from.As we can see, it is as if the government
had predicted the future and the reason for this isbecause at this
particular moment we are all living at the age of technology but
when thisparticular law was implemented we did not know much about
technology and in addition to thismost of the crucial information
was being stored using paper-based methods (Cohen et al.,2018). At
this particular point in time, we are actually relying on
technology to perform our dayto day business activities. This
entails communicating, transferring information from onelocation to
another and also storing and securi …

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Computer Science : Information Security And Privacy Regulations
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