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Computer Science : Inter Organizational System


Running Head: INTER-ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMInter-Organizational
SystemNameInstitutional AffiliationDate1INTER-ORGANIZATIONAL
SYSTEM2Inter-Organizational SystemI once worked in ICT support for
chain management inter-organization system. The system wasbeing
used by wheat farmers, cereal board, millers, wheat flour
distributors, and retail shops. Thewheat farmers had to supply
wheat to the cereal board while the cereal board supplied to
themillers. Millers had to process the flour and package it then
supply to distributors who in turnwill have to supply the retail
shops.The system was useful in the chain management process. It
provided global communication andproviding real-time data on
demand. The farmer could fill information about how much theyhave
produced. This information helped cereal board in managing the farm
produce and makingdecisions on how to deal with extr …

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Computer Science : Inter Organizational System
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