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Computer Science : Issc343 Discussion Wireless Transmission


Running Head: ISSC343 DISCUSSION1ISSC343 Discussion: Wireless
Data TransmissionStudents Name:Instructors Name:Course Code:Date of
Submission:ISSC343 DISCUSSION2Just as already mentioned in the
discussion prompt, a wireless network functions by the useof
non-physical media. Wired network use cables (e.g., CAT5 or
fiber-optic), while mostwireless network communicates using radio
waves. There are many types of wirelesstransmissions. However, the
two types of wireless transmissions discussed in this discussion
postare:1. Satellite communications: Communication occurs via an
artificial satellite known as acommunications satellite. The
satellite amplifies and relays radio telecommunicationsthrough a
transponder. By doing this, a communication channel between the
receiver andthe source transmitter located at different places
around the globe is created (Rapp …

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Computer Science : Issc343 Discussion Wireless Transmission
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