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Computer Science : Just Outline only with scholarly references


Assume you are a consultant for a local business that has asked
you to propose an enterprise-wide solution that includes topology,
network devices, IP infrastructure, and network security. The
scenario is as follows:
A small accounting firm, ABC Accounting, Inc., landed a large
account a year and a half ago that has already led the company to
grow from five employees to 200 employees with expectations to
employ 350 within a years time. In the face of continuing
expansion, ABC plans to add offices in their current building that
will span a total of three floors. At least one third of ABC
employees have laptops and travel often.
All ABC employees have Windows 7 computers, which currently are
not connected to the corporate Local Area Network (LAN).
You have been hired as a consultant to provide a detailed
technical proposal that recommends a solution that addresses each
of the detailed specifications that follow. Your solution regarding
each specification should comprise a separate section of the body
of your proposal.

Topology (type of network) and network devices

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Computer Science : Just Outline only with scholarly references
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IP Infrastructure


Your submission should include each of the following sections,
with each preceded by an appropriate heading: