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Computer Science : Mirai Malware.edited


InstallationNameInstitution1RUNNING MYSQL INSTALLATION2What is the
purpose of the mysql_install_db script?The purpose of the
mysql_install_db script is to create the data directory
thatencompasses tables within the MySQL database. Basically, it
initiates a file directory, then setsup grant tables that are
useful for administrators to regulate user permissions enabling
users toexecute various functions (Matthews, 2015).What are some of
the problems that can occur while running the
mysql_install_dbscript?Some of the challenges that one may
encounter while running mysql_install_db are thatsometimes it may
be unsuccessful in installing the grant tables. According to
Matthews (2015),when mysql_instal_db fails to install the grant
tables, it may end the installation process byindicating the
message Starting mysqld daemon with databases from XXXXXX, followed
bymysqld ended.Running mysql_install_db may encounter a problem is
there already a mysqld processrunning, which may be an indicator
that the grant tables have already been made (MySQL, n.d.).In that
case, it is challenging to run mysql_install …

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Computer Science : Mirai Malware.edited
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