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Computer Science : Resetting Root Password


Running head: CHANGING ROOT PASSWORDChanging Root Password in
Windows Operating SystemNameInstitution1CHANGING ROOT
PASSWORD2Changing Root Password in Windows Operating SystemThe
objective of this paper is to highlight the steps taken when
resetting the rootpassword using a Windows operating system. Before
initiating any step, the individual must tolog into the system
using administrator access.The second step is to terminate MySQL
server. Stopping MySQL server can beaccomplished in two ways. If
MySQL server under Windows services, it can be stopped bygoing to
the services manager. The service manager is accessed by clicking
on the start menu,and then selecting the control panel, followed by
administrative tool and then services (MySQL,n.d.). From the
services, the next thing is to identify MySQL and stop it. The
second approach isto stop MySQL server if it not running under
services (Wallen, 2019). The second option ofstopping is done using
the task manager to initiate a force stop action.The third step
entails creating a text file that bears the password-assignment in
one line.At this stage the old password is replaced with the new
one. For MySQL version …

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Computer Science : Resetting Root Password
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