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Computer Science : Security Principles


Running Head: SECURITY PRINCIPLES1Security PrinciplesInstitution
AffiliationDate:SECURITY PRINCIPLES2Essentially, the modern day
information security is more sophisticated than it has beenfor the
past decades. Security revolves around confidentiality as well as
the integrity of theinformation as well as the availability. More
so, thinking of information security, a person willbe looking at
the safety of the information authenticity which is more than just
having thepasswords systems which were synonymous with securing
information at the past of informationsecurity (Szefer, 2019).
However, password policies are still common across
differentinformation security. Information security is more
important in the safe way to utilize as well asensure proper flow
and the storage of information.Eventually, every organization that
is more concerned about information security wil …

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Computer Science : Security Principles
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