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Crack the code to find the eggs


Several years ago we started creating Easter egg hunts with codes as clues to make searching for the eggs take a bit longer. It started out with very simple codes ( letters replaced with numbers ) but has become more and more complex over the years.

I’ve created some free printable easter egg codes to make this year’s Easter egg hunt easier than ever to prepare! Including some with the writing backwards!

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Crack the code to find the eggs
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Mirror Message Clues

To read these clues you just need to hold them up to a mirror! Click the image to download the clues.

Coded Clues – Easter Egg Hunt

These clues have the letters replaced with a number. The key is at the top to make it super simple!

Print the clues, cut them out and hide with your eggs!

More Easter Egg Hunt Code Ideas

Replace each letter with  a number corresponding to its place in the alphabet.

Reverse the Alphabet ( Z becomes A, A becomes Z etc )

Move each letter one along ( A becomes B )

Move each letter 2 places along ( A becomes C )

Write in invisible ink – lemon juice is great for this.

Write in white crayon on white paper so the children have to find a way to reveal the clue ( colour over the writing with a different colour crayon or water colour paints )

Replace each letter with a symbol

Can you think of any more codes?

This activity is a lot of fun and great for improving logic skills.

If you like this, you’ll love my ideas for learning to code without using a computer!

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has a brilliant LEGO coding activity too!

More Easter Science Experiments for Kids

Build a zip line for an Easter egg, this is a brilliant Easter STEM Challenge.

Try some homemade Easter themed scratch art!

Grow a superhero cresshead with egg shells! This idea is taken from Snackable Science! Widgets
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